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Doctor Smith has worked and lived all over the world from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the wilds of Kenya. His heart has always been to care for the children of this world, especially those in developing countries. He has worked in jungle hospitals and makeshift aid tents in refugee camps, providing whatever medical assistance he could. He continues this work in his home town, Fort Wayne. As a gateway city, Fort Wayne sees enormous refugee traffic. The largest Burmese population outside of the Myanmar Republic, in fact, is located in Fort Wayne. His pediatric practice there allows him to see many international children, serving patients from all six inhabited continents. He has seen patients from every country in Asia, most countries in Africa and eastern Europe, and every South American and Central American country. His waiting room is often filled with animated conversations in Arabic, Spanish, Burmese, English—sometimes all four at once.

Doctor Smith donates his services from time to time to care for children from countries that need specialized medical care. These children are flown to the United States to live with host families and receive their treatments free of charge. The picture at the back of Julie and Monica shows one such child. She is a happy and precious girl named Marieange. Her life was forever changed by surgeries performed by Dr. Smith. This single picture captures Doctor Smith’s life’s work: to heal all the “little children of the world.”

Every life truly is precious, both born and unborn.